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Nomination for the Siminovitch Prize for Body of Work in Playwriting

Chalmers Nomination for Playwriting - Cherry Docs

Dora Nomination - Cherry Docs

Canada Council for the Arts - Established Artist Category: 2  Cubed,  Stream,  Elephant,

Wake of the Bones

"Recommender Grant"- Ontario Council for the Arts ,  support  by Martha Henry

Various Awards and Funding from -

Ontario Arts Council,

Canada Council for the Arts,

Conseil des Arts et Lettres Quebec (CALQ)

Independent Theater Awards - New York City - Best Production , Director: David Gow

for Cherry Docs


Chalmers: Playwrights Unit - Tarragon Theater

Factory Theater - Playwright in Residence


Writers Guild


Dramatists Guild of America

Playwrights Guild

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