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David Gow's plays have been seen across the USA, Canada and abroad, including productions in London, New York City, Berlin, Rome, Sao-Paulo Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Krakow, Warsaw, Manchester, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Topanga, San Francisco, Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago, Memphis, Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, among many other cities. David has seen dozens of productions of his work, perhaps a hundred to date, and has also written plays for CBC Radio International. Gow's first feature film "Steel Toes," based on his hit play "Cherry Docs," has won numerous awards in the US and Canada, including Best Feature Film (Beverly Hills Film Festival) and Best Independent Feature in America (Cine Golden Eagle). Gow's adaptation of his own material to film, has found an audience numbering in the hundreds of millions throughout the world in English and in translation. Gow is fortunate to have seen multiple productions of all of his plays. David often attends rehearsals and is involved in his productions. His work has seen major awards from The Canada Council For The Arts, The Ontario Arts Council and CALQ. David is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America and Playwrights Guild. David Gow is also an Executive Producer on the recently released film "The Drawer Boy".

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